Vicuna (Saturday 02 6 2012)
#4 : NY #3
When we love, we love deeply. Tim Sweeney's sets in December and April summed up as "Veni Vidi Vici" so it came natural to have a third NY night.

We got seduced by the sounds of Face+Heel. These two talented musicians will throw their first Belgian concert. We couldn't say it better than the Boiler Room : "We love it when people who are new to most (including ourselves) come down and totally kill it. Face + Heel were those guys at the Warm takeover.. watch out for their debut EP!"

For those who enjoyed the concert of Bright Entity in December: one of the duo - Walrus - joins us with a dj set filled with HiFi tunes. Resident Aguila will present his latest vinyl buys with deep, dirty, dark vibes.

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Price at the door: 8.00


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