Los Ninos (Saturday 12 2 2011)
XXIX / On your mark, Get set, Blow

We love to invite our heroes. They like you and would gladly drop a NY gig for Brussels (just kidding). His Royal Highness Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip will make you dance and scream on the Congres station dance floor in a two hour dj set.

Let's have a super concert at midnight: Joy Wellboy instead of the initially annouced Punk Bunny and Black Barbie who are now coming at a later date. Let's have two big screens for extra visual pleasures. Let's have a darkroom, a ballroom, an art-room and a get-drunk room!

Our Belgian friends, Pop Rules and SixSixSixties have nothing to fear from all this big name, big city people : they won't let you rest ! Come at 23.00, it'll be 5.30 before you know !

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Price at the door: 10.00


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